Mary Flores

Mary Flores had to stay in the hospital for four days after her meniscus (knee joint) suffered a tear.


On top of the injury, she was dealing with hypertensive heart disease and atrial fibrillation and experienced nausea as well. The medical conditions resulted in a complete loss of her functional mobility skills.


When Flores came to Rimrock Villa Convalescent Hospital in Barstow, California, on Feb. 28, 2018, she was unable to walk, stand or wheel herself in a wheelchair. She needed three people to help her get out of bed and maximum assistance for bed mobility, bathing and dressing.


Five days a week, Flores took part in physical and occupational therapies. The PT team used shortwave diathermy and electrical stimulation, as well as therapeutic exercises and activities, to help her recover. They trained her in walking and gait as well. In occupational therapy, Flores worked on her self-care abilities.


“I’m really grateful because I got my independence back,” said Flores. “I listen to everything everybody in therapy teaches me, and I do it. I no longer live in fear of movement or exercise.”


Flores can now walk up to 200 feet with a walker and can transfer with setup assistance. Her balance has improved, and she can now take care of herself with minimal supervision.


On May 31, Flores returned home.